What will advertising look like in 2025?

The Guardian reports on “The future of advertising: what will 2025 look like? A more personalised, digitised, slicker and quicker future awaits for the world of advertising, writes Amy Kean of Havas Media”. “Without a doubt, we’re going to witness a shift from obsessing over what advertising looks like, to what advertising feels like.” Read… Continue Reading

When Marketing says No

The first Morgan 3-wheeler was built in 1909 and Morgan employed a market research agency to see whether there would be any appetite to relaunch their iconic vehicle. The agency conducted their research and came back with an unequivocal no – there would be no market. They went ahead anyway and found a real appetite… Continue Reading

Presentation Skills – authentic story telling!

I have been fortunate enough to deliver effective presentation skills training to a diverse range of audiences, from investment managers at a Discretionary Fund Management company to students and graduates at a Careers Festival at Wolverhampton University. The Investment Managers regularly present technical information to financial advisers and investors, so need to translate investment performance… Continue Reading

Customer Feedback – the way Forward

At Wealth Design Marketing, we passionately believe in the use of client feedback to inform the business and so we were interested to read this article on Business.com about how to use customer feedback. “There are numerous ways to collect feedback from your audience, and marketers know that this information is essential. A survey revealed… Continue Reading

How Much? Increasing Fees

For Financial Services firms, increased Professional Indemnity Insurance and the implications of adhering to MIFID11 have increased running costs. Therefore, it is important to consider whether there is a need to increase fees and if so, how this process should take place. The manner in how you increase your fees needs to be well-thought-out, especially… Continue Reading

You are Always on My Mind

When companies are advertising over the Christmas period they have one goal – to achieve top of mind awareness. “Top of mind” is an advertising psychology term which means that when you think about buying a certain type of goods or servic Continue Reading

You Said, We Did

After gathering customer feedback, the next key focus is on how to implement it. If you want clients to engage in delivering feedback, you need to show them how their feedback will be used. A very simple way to do this is to provide your customers with a list of key actions in terms of… Continue Reading

Team meetings should be fun

We believe communications, both external and internal, should have an emotional connection to deliver the greatest image. Here are 11 Team Meeting Ideas That Will Make Your Meetings Fun and Effective – https://www.getminute.com/team-meeting-idea/ Continue Reading

Does gender matter when it comes to managing wealth?

Men’s and Women’s Perceptions of Wealth Are Mostly Aligned (Rosplock, 2010) suggests there are differences in attitude, but they ultimately don’t matter. Both seek knowledge, want control and to make decisions. Historically men have taken the lead role. On inheriting wealth, women become more involved. Men have greater confidence and take a more strategic approach.… Continue Reading

An informed approach

If you are thinking ahead as to what the business priorities should be in 2020, why not ask your clients? This is a really good time of year to gather client feedback to inform your priorities in the year ahead. Find out more about our client questionnaire service here http://wealthdesignmarketing.co.uk/marketing-services/client-questionnaires/ Continue Reading

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