Knowledge-based Marketing – the Retirement Guide

To support our client’s retirement seminar, we wanted to create something informative, thought-provoking and impactful for delegates to take away and use in the future. We are very proud to launch Wealth Design’s Retirement Guide – please have a look here: Continue Reading

Embodiment of Niche Marketing

At the end of August, I booked onto a factory tour at Morgan Car Factory based in Malvern Link. Morgan is the epitome of successful niche marketing. They create small runs of beautiful cars, guaranteeing exclusivity to owners by limiting the volume of sales for each line. Even with a successful run, they will not… Continue Reading

Does Performance Really Matter?

When it comes to brand building, what is more important: performance or imagery (how it makes you feel)? Here are lessons from two leading cola manufacturers: Coca Cola is the clear winner when it comes to market share. According to CNN “In the last decade, Coke’s market share has risen from 17.3% to 17.8%, while… Continue Reading

Upping the Stakes when it comes to Privacy

The BBC reports “A feature in settings called Off-Facebook Activity will show all the apps and websites that send information about you to Facebook, which is then used to target ads more effectively. You will also be able to clear your history and prevent your future off-app behaviour being tapped. But one expert said the… Continue Reading

Training for Incremental Improvements

When a performance athlete achieves the level of performance they need to win, their focus shifts to incremental improvements and minor enhancements. I believe this is what team training can provide. Whether it is on presentation skills or client excellence; if you group minor changes throughout your team, you will quickly gain significant rewards –… Continue Reading

Your Pot of Gold

Imagine people who already love your brand: they know how you work, and they rate you highly. Strategies to grow profits can come from doing more with your existing clients. Sounds simple, but how do you make it happen? Creating a Matrix In terms of the systems to support it, this is straightforward, and we… Continue Reading

Fancy a Quick Win?

The most impactful marketing quick wins with our biggest client came from a client questionnaire which helped us understand our positioning and shortcomings in our clients’ eyes so we could then address these. The second came out of the client feedback, where we discovered our clients wanted market updates. We spoke to one of our… Continue Reading

Don’t make an Ass out of U and Me

If you want to know how your clients perceive your offering, we can design a postal and email questionnaire specifically for your organisation. As part of the service, we will also analyse the results and consolidate them into a report. We have seen the results significantly influence the nature of the service delivery by our… Continue Reading

Scarecrows and Brand Building

Our recent weekends have been spent in the Warwickshire area visiting some incredible Scarecrow Festivals and seeing some fabulous creativity and a sense of local community.  This connectedness and community are what brands aspire to achieve. The MarketingInsiderGroup provide case studies and give 5 Examples of Brilliant Online Brand Communities here Continue Reading

What does Autumn mean for Financial Services?

Today, Monday 23rd September, officially marks the start of Autumn, so what does this mean for businesses? For some reason, no matter how old we are, September evokes a back to school feeling. It can be helpful to tap into this if your offering requires that clients are motivated to get their affairs in order.… Continue Reading

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