Strategic Review Service

This review will give you feedback, direction, clarity and future vision to create a strategic roadmap that will take your business forward. In the longer term, adding and building value for eventual sale or transfer.

This service gives you the opportunity to really focus on you and your business and to agree a way forwards, which can be invaluable when there are several directors or owners who sometimes don’t get the chance to plan together.

The service comprises of three stages, a discovery meeting, the strategic planning day and then the strategy inception, where the plan is unveiled. There is also the option to then have a strategic monthly review service.

Discovery Meeting

This is a face to face briefing session with an experienced consultant.  At the meeting, we will discuss a number of matters including:

  • current performance and positioning in the market place
  • future aims for business success
  • commercial performance
  • objectives
  • innovation
  • creative ideas to drive future aspiration
  • current barriers that are potentially affecting performance


The session will include a discussion from an organisational perspective and a discussion around future investment requirements.

This is an opportunity to talk openly in a confidential environment and will touch on the longer-term planning of the business to potential sale or transfer.

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Strategic Planning Day

This is bespoke to your business and is based on the outcome of your discovery meeting. The strategic planning day includes the owner and management team as it formulates an understanding of the business culture, current thinking, alignment of performing indicators and the future direction as a strategic management team.

The outcome is for all parties to have the same aim and purpose in objectives and future vision to gain momentum. This step will also clear any frustrations, break down barriers and create entrepreneurial and leadership thinking within a re-aligned team, enabling the business to invest with confidence and become more innovative, adaptable and resilient.

Strategy Inception

This half day session on the delivery of the strategy will cover drafting out the opportunities, gaining competitive advantage, concepts of change, agreed investments, key performance drivers, people skills and accountability.

This session highlights the trends of current trading from a financial perspective and drives key changes to improve and maintain performance. It also introduces research into your specific sector and how to adopt and introduce challenging concepts ahead of competitors.

Finally, to ensure ‘future readiness’ for the business, we will look at building value and higher returns, having a highly skilled team running the operation without direct control from the business owner or CEO. This section also covers a business health check on awareness of changing conditions to adhere to meeting the demands of changing environments.

The Strategic Review Service is a complete project with no part assignment.

Optional Execution Support

We don’t just let go… 2 hrs per month
We can stay with you to support your plans and keep the strategic direction firmly on the agenda alive. This involves checking back and managing the areas of change from concept to implementation.
We will work with the project initiators, supporting their accountability for implementation and feedback. With continuous strategic thinking and an inclusive team, the program will develop, evolve and grow.
It would be like having a non-executive Director on board to support you in the delivery of your strategic plan!

*The minimum commitment for this service is 12 months.

To find out more about our strategic review service, please email Or alternatively you can give us a call on 01543 571238.

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