When Marketing says No

The first Morgan 3-wheeler was built in 1909 and Morgan employed a market research agency to see whether there would be any appetite to relaunch their iconic vehicle. The agency conducted their research and came back with an unequivocal no – there would be no market. They went ahead anyway and found a real appetite in the market for their three-wheeler, which is produced in their Malvern factory. They have discounted them slightly (by under 10%), but even so, demand is strong. Honest John “Morgan is celebrating its 110th anniversary with this limited-time offer applicable to new orders of its unique and attention-grabbing 3-wheeler. “ Read more https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/car-market-1/2019-08/morgan-cuts-price-of-3-wheeler-by-gbp3000/ The question is, when do you go against the research and with your gut feeling? And more importantly, what is the risk and cost involved in doing so? If there is a low risk of trialling the market with a product or service available to purchase this has to be more effective than asking about an intention to purchase.

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